Staying Safe and HIPAA Compliant


Healthcare is one of the most demanding and complex industries in the world today. In addition to providing healthcare, the industry is also charged with keeping patients safe and their information secure. But how can hospitals and other healthcare facilities increase physical safety while still staying HIPAA compliant?

Here are some important ways to do just that.
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Why Should You Integrate?


Life safety and property protection are more important than ever. Businesses and institutions exist in highly challenging environments and face a wide range of threats, from fire, system failures, and other environmental threats to violence and intrusion. It’s true for all types of business facilities, whether it is the education, commercial, hospitality, government, or industrial sector, and all of them must be prepared and equipped for those eventualities with the appropriate systems.
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Why You Need A Physical Security Specialist To Help Secure Your Facility


In our technology-driven world today, knowledge is at our fingertips. We’ve grown accustomed to doing everything fast, simply, and most importantly, on our own. Nearly everything is able to be researched, lessening and even removing the need for assistance from subject matter experts in many areas of our lives. However, this mindset has infiltrated the physical security landscape much to the detriment of attaining actual comprehensive security.
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Protect Your Data Center From Environmental Factors


Most data centers guard heavily against intrusion and network data loss. It is for good reason. Cyber attacks and cyber crimes remain the top causes of data center outages. They are not, however, the only causes. Environmental factors account for an astounding 30% of unexpected downtime, and that downtime can be costly, and in some cases Continue reading Protect Your Data Center From Environmental Factors