Manufacturers, How Important are Physical Security Systems?

As more and more of the headlines focus on cybersecurity, actual physical security takes a back seat, but do not be led to believe that being concerned about physical security is a thing of the past.  When it comes to physical security, the stakes are high for manufacturers. In manufacturing, security systems add much more than security. They also play a huge role in compliance, reducing risks, and driving efficiencies.

Here are some important ways to protect your facility.

Create and Implement Security Policies

Security policies that are not created and not written cannot be enforced. Surprisingly, many facilities do not have even a basic procedural policy concerning security and the problem with this quickly comes to light during a security event. Draft a set of policies and procedures that cover things like what assets are to be protected, who has access to what assets, define and assign security roles, incident response, and procedures to restore production after a security event.

Lock Down Your Facility With Layers of Security

By nature, manufacturing businesses have numerous connections which all represent opportunities for a breach, whether it is cyber or physical.  No one technology, product, or security approach can fully protect your facility. Make sure that your facility has both cyber and amply physical security measures in place.

Strengthen the First Line of Defense

Some of the most significant losses in manufacturing come as a result of a lack of proper physical security. Whether it is inventory loss or damage, data loss, or theft of intellectual property, it can largely be prevented using integrated physical security measures such as video surveillance, Intrusion detection, gate entry, access control, and professional monitoring.

Bottom line? Don’t neglect your physical security if you are in manufacturing. Don’t wait to learn more. Call SSP today 1-888-540-0175