Do you need a Custom Security Solution?

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Do you need a Custom Food Processing Security Solution?

Advanced Food Processing Security Solutions in Atlanta

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Food processing security is a vital aspect of ensuring the quality and safety of food products and personnel in the facility. At SSP, we offer customizable food processing security solutions that provide proactive and expertly managed temperature control and climate monitoring, backed by the latest technology and food processing security measures. Our intuitive sensors and video surveillance systems, including access control, allow us to fully monitor and secure your facility according to standards and requirements, ensuring compliance and viability for your operations. Whether you need a customized security solution for processing or cold storage facilities, SSP has the expertise and desire to support and educate you on everything you need to know to ensure the health, safety, and security of your personnel and consumer products. Contact SSP, the best provider of integrated security solutions in Atlanta, for reliable food processing security solutions that meet your unique needs.

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Access Control

Effective perimeter food processing security and personnel access management is a crucial component of food safety. We build competencies that allow you to control access based on compliance with drug testing, food safety certifications, machinery certifications, PPE and hygiene requirements, and so much more. Our access control can also enable you to limit access, so staff or contractors enter only those areas necessary for their job functions and only during appropriate work hours.

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Alarm & Emergency Response

Hazards are everywhere in large food processing and storage facilities, and preventative emergency measures are essential. You need a strategy and an internal communication system to inform and update staff about relevant security issues in preparation for the possibility of tampering or other malicious, criminal activity and safety hazards. Give directions on safe exits or updates on the facility’s current status with the latest food processing security and life safety communications pushed directly to connected devices.

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Fire and Life Safety

Fire hazards are incredibly common within food storage facilities due to heavy machinery and flammable materials. When a fire occurs, it will inevitably cause some measure of damage, if not destroy areas of your food storage facilities – leading to weeks or even months of being unable to operate. Your fire alarm and fire sprinkler system is a crucial component in your facility’s security in protecting your assets, employees, and visitors from the catastrophic impact of fires.

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Gate Access

Airtight perimeter and gate access food processing security and storage safety is imperative. Gate and telephone entry allows you to view and communicate with visitors and vendors through telephone entry systems and automatically ensures that each entrant is compliant on insurance, certifications, access, and more.

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Environmental Monitoring

Food processing security and cold storage security require regulated climate control to meet food safety regulations. Our range of wireless and network-based sensors can be used to manage and monitor temperature, humidity, water presence, motion, and so much more. Reduce the risk of accidental environmental contamination during the processing cycle. With real-time data and analytics, our customized environment control solutions have made maintaining food processing security and compliance efficient and easier to enforce than ever before.

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Video Surveillance

Our smart video surveillance solutions allow you to ensure food processing security and the supervision of all staff, including cleaning and maintenance staff, contract workers, data entry and computer support staff, and especially, new staff to enforce policy and regulatory compliance. Watch for unusual or suspicious behavior by staff and inspect incoming and outgoing vehicles on the premises. Intuitive video analytics allow you to enforce a system of identification and recognition (such as wearing uniforms, name tags, or PPE).

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Food Security Matters Now More Than Ever

Significant losses can occur by just a few degree

There are many factors that food processing and storage facilities need to consider when ensuring the health, safety, and security of facility personnel and consumer products. Processing and cold storage require temperature control and management that are proactive and expertly maintained. Even the smallest climate deviations can cost thousands or even millions of dollars. SSP has the expertise and desire to support and educate you on what you need to know. Our customized, full-cycle approach deploys Intuitive sensors, video surveillance, access control, and other custom-designed systems to keep employees and operations healthy, viable, and compliant while operating fully within standards and requirements.

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Our Expertise is Unmatched

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With decades of experience in partnership with food processing security and storage facilities, we understand that food processing necessitates proper compliance to ensure productivity, safety, and operation while meeting local, state, and federal regulations. We recognize that a food processing security or refrigerated storage facility’s safety design and location need to be considered when ensuring that food safety meets the correct standards. By working with your security and budgetary needs in mind, we can deliver customized and seamless security integrations to meet your complex facility requirements.

At SSP, we listen, we innovate, we inform, and we stay with you every step of the way.

Why SSP?

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SSP offers best in class service and custom solutions to meet the unique needs of clients in every commercial vertical market and discipline. Our solutions are scalable and can grow with you as necessary and never lock you into proprietary systems that are cumbersome and without the ability to expand. The SSP Service Excellence program is top in its class, delivering the industry’s most complete after installation support.

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