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Manufacturing and distribution facilities are packed with heavy machinery, thousands of moving parts, and valuable assets - increasing the chances of serious or fatal accidents and crimes. This makes them extremely vulnerable targets when not secured with the leading innovative solutions. Our full-circle approach equips facilities with specialized solutions like intelligent video surveillance and biometrics to ascertain warehousing operations and compliance, manage access control and credentialing, and monitor employee safety whether it’s on the job or in the parking lot. We make it our mission to continuously support you in your facility’s productivity, employee safety and compliance, and valuable asset protections.

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Access control is a vital component of maximizing physical security and serves as the first line of defense in general safety and organization of your industrial facility. Considerations need to be made for ensuring employee and contractor compliance, for safety ratings, insurance, or equipment operation. Automatic lock systems, key cards, biometrics, and device authentication and authorization are just some of the access control solutions we offer to secure your manufacturing and distribution facility and enforce compliance.

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It’s been our experience through designing, implementing, and maintaining innovative solutions, that our integrations allow for enforced compliance, a faster correlation among alert systems, which lead to faster response times, more effective monitoring, fewer false alarms, and increased awareness of overall safety and security threats. From the top-down, we have your needs in mind as we provide you with facility-tailored solutions to drive production and mitigate threats.

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Fill out the form and we’ll be in contact with you as soon as possible. Or call us now at (888) 540-0175