Proactive Video Surveillance: The Role in Reducing Construction Site Risks and Losses

Construction Risks SSPMain Images Large 2 2023

Proactive Video Surveillance: The Role in Reducing Construction Site Risks and Losses

Construction Risks SSPMain Images Large 2 2023


The United States is the largest construction market worldwide, and these large projects can span months or years long and have deca-million dollar budgets. With projects of this size, it is not unreasonable to expect a considerable amount of risks.

SSP understands the construction sector’s need to reduce risks, limit loss and liability, improve profitability, and address these needs through advanced and proactive, video surveillance monitoring. 

Injury, a Serious Risk in the Construction Industry

Every construction project involves significant risks. One of the most common of those risks is the risk of injury. Construction accident risks are related to premises liability in which an unsafe condition is created by construction work through a negligent act or failure to prevent hazardous conditions that cause injury. The risk of injury, and liability, extend beyond the construction site employees and even includes trespassers. Even if a person is not authorized to be on the property, enters illegally, and becomes injured, that person can bring a suit against the construction company. Developers rarely need to worry about liability for job site injuries because a host of applicable laws shifts that burden to the contractor. This means that these events can have a significant impact on the contracting company. 

Theft and Vandalism 

Construction sites are open and exposed, making them extremely difficult to protect. Because of this, theft and vandalism are common. These sites are home to highly sought and easily sold items such as wood, copper, tools, and large equipment. Since they are open, construction sites often attract people staying on the property or people looking to vandalize. 

Industry experts estimate construction industry annual losses due to theft and vandalism at roughly $400 million in the United States. To make matters even worse, construction theft and vandalism often lead to dangerous job site conditions, which increases the risk of injury!

Remote Video Monitoring Significantly Diminishes Risks

Fortunately, you can proactively minimize this risk using video surveillance technologies and remote video monitoring. Remote video monitoring uses video surveillance cameras, analytics, and live security specialists to monitor the site 24/7.

Remote video monitoring technology can help reduce risks by: 

  • Helping monitor for compliance with OSHA and other safety regulations
  • Protecting the perimeter from trespassing
  • Detecting and deterring suspicious activity with live voice-down intervention
  • Deterring crimes like theft and vandalism with voice commands, strobe lights and law enforcement initiation 
  • Providing video proof of activity

Benefits of Remote Guarding for Construction Security

Reducing risks is a significant concern for any construction site. Remote Video Monitoring provides a highly effective way to do precisely that. Because of the ability to use and combine technologies such as no/low-light video surveillance cameras, advanced analytics, and AI learning, you can identify threats, reduce false alarms, and deter crime more effectively while using fewer resources. 

  • Proactive Video Monitoring– Verifies intruders in real-time to reduce false alarms and increase response times to real threats. Live audio call-down significantly deters crime and provides support to law enforcement.
  • Scalable Solution- Big or small, we’ve got you covered. Remote Video Guarding is easily deployed and provides an expansive 360° view of the site for a robust solution unmatched in the industry.
  • Cost-Effective- Remote Video Guarding lowers your liability compared to other video monitoring solutions. Because it provides real-time response and can cover multiple areas at once more effectively and reliably, you will save an average of 80% compared to the cost of security guards.

SSP | Remote Video Guarding Near Me

The integration of remote video intervention is one of the most powerful strategies you can implement to protect your business from intrusion and crime. SSP serves the state of Georgia and offers best-in-class service and custom solutions to meet your commercial vertical market and discipline needs. Our scalable solutions can grow with you, and never lock you into proprietary systems. If you are looking for a commercial security company in Georgia, look no further. SSP is here to serve you. Call SSP today. 1-888-540-0175

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