How much would a change in a few degrees cost your business?

It is no secret that the success of many businesses relies on maintaining strict compliances and failure to do so can result in losses so devastating that it could jeopardize the business.

Maintaining critical temperature, humidity, vibration, and position thresholds is the difference between success and devastating loss. SSP environmental monitoring solutions offer an affordable, unified solution to monitor critical asset equipment and processes that protect your products and your business.

Environmental Monitoring - sensor

Type of Sensors Include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Voltage
  • Vibration
  • Motion
  • Doors
  • Water presence

SwiftSensors are:

  • Easy to deploy
  • Simple to monitor from one dashboard
  • Wireless
  • Cloud-based and no software to install
  • Customize thresholds
  • Have real-time data with analytics
Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring - Phone

With SSP and SwiftSensors you can:

  • Improve tracking
  • Improve profitability
  • Maintain compliance
  • Monitor efficiently
  • Eliminate daily monitoring tasks
  • Set up SMS/email alerts for anomalies
  • Generate reports
  • Protect customers and brand
  • Prevent inventory loss